Principal Jia Attended the 2019 Opening Ceremony for New Undergraduates of Beijing Institute of Technology
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      On Sep. 11th 2019, the 2019 opening ceremony for new undergraduates of Beijing Institute of Technology was held in the gymnasium of Liangxiang campus of Beijing Institute of Technology and principals from 14 famous high schools nationally was invited to attend the ceremony. Jia Jinyuan, Principal of the High School Attached to NWNU, was also invited to attend and address the ceremony on behalf of the basic education circle. 
      In his speech, Jia spoke highly of the honorary traditions and great achievements made in school running and personnel cultivation of Beijing Institute of Technology and expressed his heartfelt wishes to the new students. Besides, he hoped that the two schools could further  enhance cooperation in the organic process of linking basic education and higher education so as to make joint efforts to cultivate outstanding students. 
      In 2019, totally 12 students from the High School Attached to NWNU have been enrolled by Beijing Institute of Technology. As the principal of the high school, Jia felt quite happy to have such an achievement. Jia said that outstanding students all over the country could continue to study hard at the university so as to make their dreams come true. In Beijing Institute of Technology, a land full of honors and hopes, students should learn to be courteous and gentle with a wide range of accumulated knowledge and a sound and strong body.
      Lu Haifeng, Vice-director of the Students’ Affairs Office of the High School Attached to NWNU also attended the ceremony.

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