Students from the International Class Attended the Sixth Session of China National Model United Nations Conference for High School Students
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      The sixth session of China national model United Nations conference for high school students was successfully held in Shaoxing City from Aug.1 to Aug.5, 2019, which was organized by the Youth Development Department of the Communist Youth League Central Committee and the Communist Youth League Zhejiang Provincial Committee, supported by U.N. Association of China and the Communist Youth League Committee of China Foreign Affairs University and hosted by the Communist Youth League Shaoxing Municipal Committee, the Education Bureau of Shaoxing Municipality and Shaoxing No.1 High School of Zhejiang Province. Nearly 600 teachers and students from 70 schools all over the country (with the representative teams and observer mission included) attended the conference.
      Eight students from Bo Yuan Model United Nations Society of the High School attached to NWNU were selected to participate in the event on behalf of Gansu Province. During the four-day conference, the students played as diplomats from different countries to actively participate in the agenda, discussing some hot issues around the world. The High School Attached to NWNU has been awarded the Best Organizer by the organizing committee because of the students’ good performance.
     With the theme of “letting the youth shoulder responsibilities and building a community with shared future for mankind ”, 10 committees, including 4 English committees, 5 Chinese committees and 1 news center, was set up to launch activities on the basis of different issues, such as “sustainable exploration in outer space”, “protection of special languages”,”fight against hunger: the sustainable development of agriculture”,”tourism development along the ‘one belt and one road’ countries or regions”, “against illegal arms trade”, “planning of global plastic recycling system”, “cybercrime control in the global frame”, “enforcing the role of mediation in preventing and dealing with conflicts peacefully” and “the sustainable development of deep seabed mining industry ”. in order to improve the practicability and professionalism of the model united nations, the organizing committee invited the students of the Model United Nations Association of China Foreign Affairs University to work as committee officers, providing all-dimensional academic support. What’s more, 10 experts including senior diplomats and scholars in relevant fields were initially invited to give guidance on the spot.
      The five-day conference provided the best experience for the students in an all-dimensional and multi-level way with various kinds of activities, including five group sessions, lectures given by diplomats, student leaders summit, forum for advisers, touring around Shaoxing and gala for social activities.
       Li Zhongxin, the adviser of the model United Nations of the High School Attached to NWNU made a keynote speech on the forum for advisers with the topic of “cultivating students in activities and growing up through experience”. he shared the healthy development of the high school’s societies represented by the Model United Nations Society from many aspects like making a guarantee in system , curriculum construction, building high-quality societies and playing a demonstrative role. Wang Junbo, General-Secretary of the Model United Nations Society and also a student from 2020 International Class, discussed the significance of attending such kind of activities for high school students based on the development of the society and his own experience during the student leaders summit. Wang Chuyi, a student from 2021 International Class played the piano solo Red River Valley on the gala.
      The eight students have developed their consciousness of being a global citizen, broadened their global horizon, obtained friendship and improved themselves by participating in the activity on such a stage, a world stage.

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