Jia Jinyuan Attended “Peking University 2020 Forum for Principals of High Schools”
Click:   Post Date:2021-01-04 11:41:50   Event Date:2021-01-04 11:41:50
    On Oct. 27th, the “Peking University 2020 Forum for Principals of High Schools” was held in Zhongguanyuan Global Village, PKU and Jia Jinyuan, the principal of the High School Attached to NWNU, was invited to attend it.
    The forum centered on the issue of breaking the barriers between secondary education and higher education in universities and providing driving forces for the improvement of overall quality of basic education, aiming at discussing the internal cohesion between higher education and secondary education so as to deepen the understanding of the essence of talents training.
    On the meeting, Peking University put forward the plan of establishing Boya Base for Talents Co-education, further promoting the cohesion between college or university education and secondary education in order to provide a much broader channel for the growth and development of top-notch innovative talents. It is reported that around the fundamental task of “strengthening moral education”, the Peking University Boya Base for Talents Co-education intends to select high schools nationwide and set up “Boya Base” so as to realize the seamless connection of talents training in two stages by various ways like the co-building of subjects and others. The fostering of innovative talents shall be enhanced continuously, especially the cultivation of top-notch talents involving in basic subjects, providing excellent reserve force for major areas of national strategic development. The Boya Base will carry out the cooperation in cultivating students between universities and high schools from two dimensions of high-quality subject ability and comprehensive overall quality.
    Principals from hundreds of high schools all over the country gathered to have a deep discussion and communication over common concerns about Boya Base for Talents Co-education in a multilateral and open way, making efforts to improve the in-depth dialogue between universities and secondary schools and jointly explore the future development of education in China.

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