Teachers Attended 2019 Summit on Curriculum Integration and Development in International Schools
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      Shanghai witnessed the opening of 2019 Summit on Curriculum Integration and Development in International Schools from 17th to 19th October with the theme of “Enhancing Through Integration and Keeping Positive Through Innovation ”. More than 500 experts, principals and educators at home and abroad gathered together and shared research results about the innovative ways to integrate and develop curriculum in international schools with Chinese characteristics. Sun Liang and Wang Zhiqiang, two teachers from the High School Attached to NWNU also attended the summit.
      Several keynote speeches have been delivered by many leaders and guests on the summit, including Zhou Mansheng, Vice-chairman of Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy (CSEDS) and Executive Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of CSEDS,Xu Qingming, General Manager of Shanghai International Studies University Education Group, Fan Xiaohong, General Manager of BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University) International Education Group and Vice-president of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Cao Wen, Chief Academic Officer of BFSU International Education Group, He Yongbin, General Manager of Guangwai Education Group, Saul Nassé, CEO of Cambridge Assessment, Dr.Changhua Rich, ACT chief scientist, Zhao Meijuan, the Secretary of CPC Branch of Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation (GIIT) and Zhao Jian, the Secretary of CPC Branch of School of Open Learning and Education, ECNU and the Head of Project Office of International Teachers Certificate. In his speech titled by “Enhancing Cooperation and Exchange of Basic Education Against the Background of Education Service Trade ”, Mr. Zhou briefly introduced the significance of enhancing cooperation and exchange of basic education against the background of education service trade by taking an example of the High School Attached to NWNU about its actively promoting “One Belt and One Road” silk road plan in terms of international cooperation and exchange.
      The summit is rich in forms and substantial in content. Except for forum for leaders, there are six curriculum summits with Cambridge international programme, AP curriculum, IB curriculum, ACT-GAC curriculum, humanities curriculum and science curriculum as the theme respectively. Over 60 foreign and domestic guests jointly discussed the methods of integrating curriculum and exchanged the practical experience of localizing international curriculum, exploring the future direction of curriculum construction in international schools.
      By adhering to the general principle of education for international understanding, the international classes of the High School Attached to NWNU have organically integrated international education ideas, language training courses (TOEFL and IELTS), basic courses for disciplines (SAT, SATII and AP) with domestic high school courses in a creative way by applying the curriculum system characterized by the blending of the west and the east. On the basis of SATII and AP, some international curriculum such as IB and A-Level have also been integrated, which not only meets the state standard of cultivating excellent high school students but also keeps consistent with general international principles of entering famous colleges or universities in foreign countries.
      When the summit was finished, Sun Liang and Wang Zhiqiang respectively visited Shanghai Gezhi High School and Shanghai Tian Yuan Senior High School attached to BFSU in Minhang District according to the summit schedule. They made in-depth exchange in several aspects like school-runing ideas, curriculum integration, teaching features and management experience. Besides, they also made on-the-spot investigation about the two schools’ infrastructure, activity rooms for societies and living facilities.

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